Journal of Exercise, Movement, and Sport (SCAPPS refereed abstracts repository)

Current Issue

Vol. 54 No. 1 (2023)
Published October 12, 2023


Brittany Wenniseríostha Jock, Lucie Lévesque, Brittany McBeath, Colin Baillie (Author)
From Performative to Transformative Allyship in the Academy: A Critical Conversation

Psychomotor Learning Abstracts

Sadiya Abdulrabba, Jessica Facchini, Gerome Manson (Author)
Planning and Online Movement Guidance to visual and non-visual target locations
Nour Al Afif, Brad McKay, Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Joshua G.A. Cashaback, Michael J. Carter (Author)
Current accuracy is not always the best predictor of future accuracy: The consequences of dissociable bias and precision components
Kathryn Anderson, Shannon Bredin (Author)
Movements Used in Storytelling: Indigenous Perspectives for Motor Learning
David Apreutesei, Erin K. Cressman (Author)
Mental fatigue limits explicit contributions to visuomotor adaptation
Molly Brillinger, Timothy Welsh (Author)
Imagine all the people! Can we account for the assumed motor abilities of other people when imagining performing joint actions?
Alex Bui, Anthony Carlsen (Author)
A loud acoustic stimulus is less likely to elicit a startle reflex when presented through headphones
Alex Bui, Dana Maslovat, Allison Bui, Anthony Carlsen (Author)
Response-switching costs occur when unconsciously changing the control mode for performing essentially the same task
Nick Butler, Sadiya Abdulrabba, Gerome Manson (Author)
The Effect of Contextual Cues on Goal-Directed Reaches to Multisensory Targets
Jan Calalo, Truc Ngo, Seth Sullivan, Adam Roth, Rakshith Lokesh, John Buggeln, Kathryn Strand, Michael Carter, Isaac Kurtzer, Joshua Cashaback (Author)
Reaching reflects ongoing deliberation prior to a decision
Cassie Chan, Xiaoye Michael Wang, April Karlinsky, Merryn D. Constable, Timothy N. Welsh (Author)
Getting Close: Proximity of the Hands Affects Target Prioritization and Movement Execution in the Gaze Cueing Paradigm
Sebastian D'Amario, Bernard Marius 't Hart, Denise Henriques (Author)
Exploring the Rate of Implicit and Explicit Learning in Motor Adaptation: Effects of Rotation Size, Aiming Strategy, and Delayed Feedback
Elias Daher, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
Tactile suppression is enhanced following a startling acoustic stimulus
Elias Daher, Anthony N Carlsen (Author)
An intense electrical stimulus elicits a startle reflex and a StartReact effect in unimanual movements irrespective of stimulus laterality
Dominique Delisle-Godin, Pierre-Michel Bernier (Author)
Competitive processes in free-choice, action-based decisions: Effect of decisional uncertainty in an obstacle avoidance task
Gregg Eschelmuller, Annika Szarka, J. Timothy Inglis, Romeo Chua (Author)
Investigating implicit sensorimotor adaptation in a bimanual aiming task
Raphael Gastrock, Edward Ody, Denise Henriques, Bernard Marius 't Hart (Author)
Neural markers of movement preparation and outcome during motor adaptation and de novo learning tasks
Joëlle Hajj, Stephanie Larosa, Luc Tremblay (Author)
From lips to hand: How images of lip postures can facilitate hand movements
Anisa Hassan, Obaida Al Naib, Tina Imnaishvili, Jeffrey D. Wammes, Gerome Manson (Author)
Investigating the motor strategies involved in handwriting and recall of unfamiliar text
Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Olivia Smith, Gerome Manson, Erin Cressman (Author)
Visuomotor adaptation to a small mirror reversal perturbation
Julia Hussien, Diane Ste-Marie (Author)
Self-reported outcomes from a focus of attention workshop for Canadian physiotherapists
Tasha Ignatius, Gerome Manson, Jeffrey Wammes, Randall Flanagan (Author)
Going Through the Motions: The Influence of Motor Reinstatement on Recognition Memory
Maryum Khan, Shanaathanan Modchalingam, Andrew King, Marius t' Hart, Denise Henriques (Author)
Effects of tool use and perturbation during motor adaptation on hand localization
Andrew King, Laura Mikula, Shanaathanan Modchalingam, Bernard Marius 't Hart, Denise Henriques (Author)
Using tools as cues for dual adaptation to opposing visuomotor rotations in virtual reality
Sara Klick, Celine Balay, Kelly Spriggs, Sarah. N Kraeutner (Author)
Identifying optimal scheduling parameters for the application of motor imagery after physical practice to enhance learning
Eden Kozma, Judith Bek, Molly Brillinger, Nicola Hodges, April Karlinsky, Matthew Scott, Luc Tremblay, Timothy Welsh (Author)
“Putting” in the effort: Effects of gender on psychosocial outcomes of paired practice in a golf-putting task
Jacqueline C. Ladwig, André Bussières , Steven Passmore, Patricia Tavares, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Jennifer Ward, Elena M. Broeckelmann, Scott Haldeman, Cheryl M. Glazebrook (Author)
Assessing balance and functional movement among adults participating in a movement program in an Indigenous community: An observational study
Mikayla Lalli, Laura St. Germain, Brad McKay, Michael J. Carter (Author)
The relationship between perceived competence and intrinsic motivation and motor skill retention: An exploratory analysis
Beverley Larssen, Brian Greeley, Lara Boyd (Author)
Are bilateral motor planning impairments during reverse visually guided reaching evidence of cognitive-motor impairment or a motor control strategy among stroke survivors and older adults?
Jasmyn Lee, Joshua Aragone Chiriboga, Ryan Chen, Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Gerome Manson (Author)
The Impact of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage on Online Control of Upper Limb Goal Directed Actions
Tristan Loria, Alex Fraga, Timothy Roth, Ethan Ardelli, Ernesto Cervini, Nick Fraser, Aiyun Huang, Michael H Thaut (Author)
It was just my imagination: Combined imagery/physical practice yields comparable benefits as physical practice in percussion performance
Damian M. Manzone, Joseph X. Manzone, Xiaoye Michael Wang, Timothy N. Welsh, Luc Tremblay (Author)
Test Tube: On the Sensorimotor Costs of Virtual Environments
Joseph Xavier Manzone, Timothy Welsh (Author)
Putting in the effort: Explicit effort may not influence perceptuomotor decision-making
Shanaa Modchalingam, Andrew King, Denise Henriques (Author)
Effects of immersive visual environment-change cues on motor learning during a virtual-reality target hitting task
Liam Morassut, Sadiya Abdulrabba, Jessica Facchini, Gerome Manson Manson (Author)
Sensory Contributions to Piano Learning for Novices
Winter Cecile Alexandra Muise, Timothy Welsh, Luc Tremblay, Joyce Chen (Author)
“Can Life Truly Imitate Art?”: Imitation of Non-Human Actors and Anthropomorphization.
Aarohi Pathak, April Karlinsky, Ying Bai, Molly Brillinger, Xiaoye Michael Wang, Emma Gowen, Ellen Poliakoff, Tim Welsh (Author)
Influence of handedness on Fitts’ relationship when movements are imagined and perceived
Calvin D. Reimer, Elena M. Broeckelmann, Cheryl M. Glazebrook (Author)
With or Without Feedback: Implicit sequence learning relies on visuospatial coding regardless of the presence of auditory feedback during practice
James Roberts, Digby Elliott (Author)
The type 1 submovement conundrum: an investigation into the function of velocity zero-crossings within two-component aiming movements
James Roberts, Caroline Wakefield, Robin Owen (Author)
Online corrections can occur within movement imagery: An investigation of the motor-cognitive model
Adam Roth, John Buggeln, Jan Calalo, Rakshith Lokesh, Seth Sullivan, Truc Ngo, Michael Carter, John Jeka, Joshua Cashaback (Author)
The Roles and Interplay of Reinforcement-Based and Error-Based Processes on Exploratory Behaviour in Parkinson’s Disease and Neurologically Intact Populations
Danielle Salters, Sara Scharoun Benson (Author)
Preferential Cup Size as a Predictor of End State Comfort in Children
Cassandra Santangelo, Christin Sadler, Dana Maslovat, Anthony Carlsen (Author)
Premovement suppression of MEP amplitude is greater for simple and go/no-go reaction time tasks compared to choice reaction time
Seth Sullivan, Rakshith Lokesh, Christopher Peters, Jan Calalo, Adam Roth, John Buggeln, Truc Ngo, Michael Carter, Joshua Cashaback (Author)
Humans make an excessive number of indecisions under time constraints
Annika Szarka, Gregg Eschelmuller, J. Timothy Inglis, Romeo Chua (Author)
Does saccadic adaptation transfer to non-adapted pointing movements?
Ganesh Tailor, Cheryl M. Glazebrook (Author)
Autistic Trait Expression Does Not Affect Müller-Lyer Susceptibility Across Forced-Choice Tasks
Gloria Tian, Tristan Loria, Timothy Roth, Emma Burke-Kleinman, April Karlinsky, Jason Jiajun Zhang, Bina John, Aiyun Huang, Michael H. Thaut (Author)
I get by with a little help from my partner: Comparing the effectiveness of paired vs. individual practice for motor learning in music
Kyle Vallido, Kelly Spriggs, Carrie Peters, Matthew Scott, Nicola Hodges, Sarah Kraeutner (Author)
Examining Interhemispheric Inhibition During the Simultaneous Combination of Multiple Action States
Mary-Anne Vinh, Erin K. Cressman (Author)
Investigating implicit and explicit contributions to dual visuomotor adaptation
Vaidehi Wagh, Sarah Kraeutner (Author)
Optimizing MediaPipe for the assessment of hand trajectories using a touchscreen shape-tracing task
Xiaoye Michael Wang, Timothy Welsh (Author)
TAT-HUM: Trajectory Analysis Toolkit for Human Movements in Python
Darrin O. Wijeyaratnam, Erin K. Cressman (Author)
An external focus of attention does not always benefit motor learning: evidence from visuomotor adaptation
B. Marius ’t Hart, Urooj Taqvi, Raphael Q. Gastrock, Jennifer E. Ruttle, Shanaathanan Modchalingam, Denise Y.P. Henriques (Author)
Implicit and Explicit Adaptation Just Don’t Add Up
Brett Feltmate, Heather Neyedli (Author)
Are two hands better than one? A follow-up to Davoli & Brockmole's(2012) "shielding" effect

Sport Psychology Abstracts

Veronica Allan, Cailie S. McGuire, Mandy McCurdy, Erin Van Gulik, Luc J. Martin, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Return to ringette from the COVID-19 pandemic: An updated RE-AIM evaluation of Ringette Canada’s small-area games guidelines
Tess Armstrong, Corliss Bean, Dana Bookman (Author)
Using creative methods to explore girl-identifying youth sport spaces: A case study of Canadian Girls Baseball
Nils Petter Aspvik, Ingar Mehus, Stig Arve Sæther (Author)
Athletes’ willingness to communicate pain to their coach. A cross sectional study of Norwegian handball players
Obidiah Atkinson, Jamie Brunsdon, Jacqueline Goodway, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Sue Sutherland, Samantha Bates, Anthony Amorose (Author)
The Influence of Coaches’ Verbal and Non-Verbal Immediacy on Athletes’ Burnout and Desire to Continue to Participate in Sport
Anthony Battaglia, Gretchen Kerr (Author)
“They learn quickly there are consequences for their actions”: Youth sport coaches’ perspectives on the effects of benching
Markus Beier, Edda van Meurs, Bernd Strauss (Author)
A model of social influence in sports
Edina Bijvoet, Delaney E. Thibodeau, Jessica Boyes, Sasha Gollish, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
The ‘Ideal’ Body According to AI: Body Image Implications for Athletes and Non-Athletes
Mishka Blacker, Philip Sullivan (Author)
Exploring the Associations between ‘Non-Cognitive Abilities’, Sport Perfectionism, and Passion for Sport in Competitive Athletes
Mishka Blacker, Philip Sullivan (Author)
Investigating the Influence of Mental Toughness on Risk-Taking Behaviour in Sport.
Devin Bonk, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
The experience of videogame tilt, moods, and well-being in daily gamers: An ecological momentary assessment.
Birte Brinkmöller, Lennard Berning, Dennis Dreiskämper, Oliver Höner, Bernd Strauss (Author)
A content analysis of talent selection research in sports
Birte Brinkmöller, Dennis Dreiskämper, Oliver Höner, Bernd Strauss (Author)
Talent selection research in sports and business. A citation network analysis
David M. Brown, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
Unveiling Coach's Perspective: Evidence-Based Recommendations for Designing Coach Development Programmes
David M. Brown, Andrew Alvarez, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
Exploring coaches understanding of body image and weight inclusivity in youth sport: Implications for sport coach development and training
Mark Bruner, Colin McLaren, Meredith Schertzinger, Ian Boardley, Luc Martin, Richard Slatcher, Jean Côté, Justin Carré, Mathieu Simard, Katrien Fransen (Author)
Unlocking the Power of Groups in Youth Sport: A Proof Concept Evaluation of the Together For Us (T4Us) Intervention
Stephanie Buenemann, Charlotte Raue-Behlau, Katherine Tamminen, Maike Tietjens, Bernd Strauss (Author)
The role of expectations, attributions, and consequences in the appraisal of threat for upcoming competitions: an online and a field study
Martin Camiré (Author)
An agential realist reimagining of the concepts of “positive”, “youth”, “development”, and “sport”
Quinten Carfagnini, Philip Sullivan (Author)
Investigating the Relationship Between Campus Characteristics and Help-seeking Behaviours in Canadian Varsity Student-Athletes
Tori Barbara Carter, Paul Gorczynski, Christopher Coady, Ian Cunningham, Duncan Mascarenhas, Philip Sullivan, Tom Webb, Lori Livingston, David Hancock (Author)
A lack of empirical evidence on sport officials’ mental health: a scoping review
Joshua Gabriel Celebre, Philip Sullivan (Author)
The Dual Continuum Model of Mental Health: Investigating the Difficulties of Canadian University Student-Athletes
Dalima Chhibber, Leisha Strachan (Author)
Exploration of the mental health perceptions and experiences of current elite soccer players in India
Christopher J. Coady, Ian J. Cunningham, David J. Hancock (Author)
The impact of demographic variables on recruitment and retention: Insights from Canadian basketball referees
Danielle Cormier, Leah J. Ferguson, Nancy C. Gyurcsik, Jennifer L. Briere, Kent C. Kowalski (Author)
“If you love something that much, you're willing to get through the obstacles”: A grounded theory of grit in competitive sport
Ben Csiernik, Kathryn Johnston, Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie (Author)
An exploratory analysis of talent selection in modern North American hockey goaltenders involved in a multiple entry draft pathway
Diane Culver, Rabia Ozturk Kizikaya, Sydney Graper, Iman Hassan, Siobhan Rourke, Tim Konoval (Author)
Design Thinking for Research in Sport Psychology
Marina Cummiskey, Lindsay R. Duncan (Author)
“What the hell’s happening to me”: A qualitative study of diet, exercise, and self-compassion in retiring student-athletes.
Rylan Rose Curtis, Megan Rachel Ifergan, Katherine Anne Tamminen (Author)
A scoping review of female athletes’ psychosocial experiences of menstruation and the menstrual cycle.
Matthieu Dagenais, Sean Locke, Phil Sullivan, Panagiota Klentrou, Kimberley Gammage (Author)
Application of the Embodiment Model of Positive Body Image and Physical Activity: A Longitudinal Study
Chad Danyluck, Jeemin Kim, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
Co-Regulation of Physiological Arousal in Social Support Interactions among University Athletes: The Role of Co-rumination
Abimbola O. Eke, Marta C. Erlandson, M. Louise Humbert, Stephanie L. Martin, Leah J. Ferguson (Author)
“It's a reflection of how I feel inside… of how I'm looking outside”: Racialized Young Women Athletes’ Descriptions of Body Self-Compassion
Martin Erikstad, Rune Høigaard, Jean Côté, Tommy Haugen (Author)
Youth sport coaches’ perceptions of participating in the Transformational Coaching Workshop - A qualitative study
Olivia Feng, Lindsay Duncan (Author)
Canadian national sport organizations’ eating disorder-related policies and practice guidelines: A summative content analysis
Leah J. Ferguson, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Leisha Strachan (Author)
Centring Indigenous Voices and Experiences to Advance Positive Youth Development in Sport Research
Daniel Fortin-Guichard, Joe Baker (Author)
Is it the number of sports specific practice hours that contributes to attaining expertise or the pace at which these hours are accumulated?
Paul Gorczynski, Shakiba Oftadeh-Moghadam, Neil Weston (Author)
Developing mental health literacy interventions in sport settings: The need for feasibility studies
Paul Gorczynski, Matt Moore, Cindy Miller Aron, Payton Bennett (Author)
Interprofessional collaboration in college athlete mental health care: Addressing the need for a competency-based framework of integrated care
Simon Grasdal, Fergal O'Hagan, Michael Jorgensen, Jessica Malcolm (Author)
A Risky Business: Relationships Between Perceived Risk of Concussion and Protective Behaviours in Varsity Athletes
Melanie Gregg, Peter Hastie, Hairui Liu (Author)
The Sport Education Model: Enhancing Personal Skills, Understanding of Rules, and Enjoyment in Team Handball Lessons
Ryan Hall, Garrett Blakey, Joe Baker, Kathryn Johnston, Nick Wattie (Author)
The NBA Draft: Exploring NBA Draft Accuracy at the Team and League Level
Sebastian Harenberg, Melanie Y. Lam, Tadeu N. J. de Freitas (Author)
“We are in this together” – Social Presence and Groupness predict satisfaction and intention to return in Zwift cycling groups
Tommy Haugen, Rune Høigaard, Jean Côté, Jennifer Turnnidge, Andreas Stenling, Martin Erikstad (Author)
Development and initial validation of the Transformational Coaching Scale
Craig Hillier, Ben Schellenberg (Author)
Can Savouring be used in Elite Sport to Benefit Athletes?
Kelsey Pamela Hogan, Lori Dithurbide (Author)
Exploring the Experiences of First-Time Ultramarathon Athletes
Michael (Jonathan) Hood, Simon Darnell, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
The Influence of Coaches' Life Experience on Sport-Based Youth Development Programming
Caroline Hummell, Corliss Bean, Gabriela Estrada, Madison Danford, Kaleigh Pennock (Author)
An Evaluation of a Multi-Year Gender Equity in Sport Program 
Haley Hunter Smith, Jean Côté (Author)
Parent-child co-participation in sport and physical activity: A scoping review
Kirsten Hutt, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
Exploring the Effect of Social Support from Sport Medicine Staff on Injured Female Athletes’ Well-Being During Rehabilitation
Nancy Huynh, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, Michael Atkinson, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Exploring Perspectives of Youth with and Without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and varying intersectional identities towards a Mixed Abilities Physical Education Program and Quality Participation Experiences
Rune Høigaard, Karina Ass, Derek M. Peters (Author)
Elite cyclists’ and sport directors’ perceptions of the Road Captain in Pro Cycling: The hub of the team.
Megan Rachel Ifergan, Rylan Rose Curtis, Katherine Anne Tamminen (Author)
What do we know about stressors and coping among female athletes? A scoping review.
Carley Jewell, Jeffrey Caron , Paige Pope, Scott Rathwell (Author)
Social Support and Return to Sport: A Prospective Explanatory-Sequential Mixed Methods Study of Concussed University Athletes
Ludvig Johan Torp Rasmussen (Author)
“There is always someone trying to get your ice time”: Professional Ice Hockey Players’ Perspectives on the Social Conditions for Creativity
Karissa L. Johnson, Leah J. Ferguson (Author)
Reflecting on reflections: Critically apprising the benefits of member reflections for researchers, participants, findings, and studies
Helene Jørgensen, Katie Kavic, Margie H. Davenport, Tara-Leigh McHugh (Author)
“My Biggest Learning Curve:” Coaches’ Experiences of Working with Athletes who Menstruate
Jeemin Kim, Michael Godfrey, Taylor Coleman, Mark Eys (Author)
Taking role responsibility within individual sport environments
Jeemin Kim, Katherine Tamminen, Rowena Cai (Author)
“I do what you do”: Youth athletes’ emotion regulation is related to what their teammates do
Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré (Author)
Stories of “Coaching Better” Competitive Sport Through Critical Reflection and Action
Maxime Landry-Lurette, Bruno Goncalves Galdino da Costa, Barbi Law (Author)
Exploring Canadian Student-athletes’ perceptions of sleep and mental health
Janet Lawson, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
An exploration of Para sport administrators' role in disseminating knowledge related to classification
Natan Levi, Lyndsay Hayhurst, Jessica Fraser-Thomas (Author)
Exploring young peoples’ experiences within a sport and livelihood program
Jessica Malcolm, Fergal O'Hagan, Michael Jorgensen, Simon Grasdal (Author)
The head or the heart: Emotions and cognitions influence on concussion prevention and management behaviors
Jessica Malcolm, Fergal O'Hagan, Simon Grasdal (Author)
Mental health and performance support in Canadian varsity sport: Current trends and promising practices
Alia Mazhar, Shruti Patelia, Joe Baker (Author)
Perceived Benefits of Curling in Older Canadian Women
Mikayla McEwan, Philip Sullivan, Corliss Bean (Author)
The Relationship Between Resilience and Well-being in Post-secondary Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes
Cailie McGuire, Lori Dithurbide, Luc J. Martin (Author)
“It’s allowing space for vulnerability”: Exploring athlete experiences with trust in interdependent sport
Colin D. McLaren, Meredith Schertzinger, Mathieu Simard, Mark W. Bruner (Author)
Social identity and resilience in competitive youth sport
Bryan McLaughlin, Kathryn Johnston, Magdalena Wojtowicz, Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie (Author)
Enhancing impact: A systematic review of implementation science in sport psychology research
Jason Mergler, Marta Ferreira, Leisha Strachan, Dany J. MacDonald, Fernando Santos, Jean Côté (Author)
International Positive Youth Development (PYD): Project SCORE in a Portuguese Setting
Rebecca Misiasz, Todd M. Loughead, Katherine E. Hirsch (Author)
The Impact of Teammate Interactions on Team Cohesion in Collegiate Athletics
Derrik Motz, Catalina Belalcazar, Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell, Bradley W. Young (Author)
A Coach’s Self-Initiated Professional Development Across a Ski Season: How Mentorship and Adult Athletes’ Input Supported the Use of Adult-Oriented Coaching Practices
Margaret Nieto, Justine Vosloo, Luc J. Martin, Dave Nutt, Jean Côté, Sebastian Harenberg (Author)
Technical Directors’ Perspectives of Selection Experiences in Canadian Youth Soccer Clubs
Roxy Helliker O'Rourke, Andrea Bundon, Catherine M. Sabiston, Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos (Author)
Considerations around using body mapping methods for exploring mental health experiences of para-athletes
Kaleigh Pennock, Braeden McKenzie (Author)
Concussion (mis)education: Implications of prevention narratives on youth athlete concussion experiences
Amy Posel, Elena Pinkerton, Alex Murata, Jean Côté (Author)
Personal Construct Theory and Parents’ Perceptions of Developing Girls Through Sport
Mitchell Profeit, Blair M. Evans, Cailie McGuire, Alex Benson, Mark W. Bruner, Luc J. Martin (Author)
Toward the Development of a Subgroup Questionnaire in Sport
Shannon R. Pynn, Geri R. Ruissen, Amber D. Mosewich, Nicholas L. Holt (Author)
A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Web-based Program to Enhance Sport Parents’ Emotional Intelligence
Fabian Alberto Romero Clavijo, Thomas Romeas, Maxime Trempe (Author)
Perceptual-cognitive performance of baseball players with varying level of expertise
Ana Valeria Sanchez, Emily Giroux, Jessica Bassett-Spiers, Christopher B. McBride, Barry Munro, , Heather L. Gainforth (Author)
Identifying and Investigating Canadian Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Adaptive Sports (AS) Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that Engage in Research Partnerships
Zachary Scanlan, Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Katherine A. Tamminen (Author)
Evaluation of a Tennis Program for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder using the Quality Participation Framework
Benjamin Schellenberg, Jack Lötscher (Author)
Passion and engagement among athletes and coaches: A look using a quadripartite approach
Meredith Schertzinger, Colin D. McLaren, Mathieu Simard, Katrien Fransen, Mark W. Bruner (Author)
Using the Social Identity Approach to Understand Pro-Social and Anti-Social Moral Behaviour Toward Teammates in Competitive Youth Soccer.
Jorg Schorer, Rebecca Rienhoff, Lennart Fischer, Till Koopmann, Joe Baker (Author)
Predictive validity of pattern recall skills for talent selection in handball
Majidullah Shaikh, Veronica Allan, Heather Gainforth, Kim Gurtler, Karl Erickson (Author)
The Sport Partnership Collective: Advancing the science and practice of meaningful research partnerships
Majidullah Shaikh, Heather L. Gainforth, Karl Erickson (Author)
Scoping review protocol of sport research partnership literature: Identifying opportunities, challenges, and areas of need
Christopher Shields, Rachael Manning (Author)
The person before the player: is mental health support a missing piece in the eyes of elite athletes?
Rayona Silverman, Emilie Michalovic, Mikaeli Cavell, Kaitlyn Kauffeldt, Jennifer Tomasone, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Communication as a Factor for Uptake of Intraorganizational Accessibility and Inclusivity Initiatives
Jordan Sutcliffe, Daisy (Fang-Chu) Kuo, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
Mental health concerns and parental help-seeking in elite youth sport: A systematic review
Jordan Sutcliffe, Katherine Tamminen (Author)
A qualitative case study of emotion regulation dynamics within competitive youth sport families
Stig Arve Sæther, Lina Marie Johansen Torvik, Nils Petter Aspvik, Rune Høigaard (Author)
Perceived support in the rehabilitation process among female elite handball players
Nate Taylor, Mia Landry , Philip Sullivan (Author)
Factors Impeding Academic Performance in Canadian Student Athletes
Rafael Tedesqui, Shayne MacDonald, Pascale Desmarais, Andrew Phillips, Tomas Kaufman (Author)
The Role of Athletes’ Personality on Talent Identification and Development: A pilot project in university sport
Erin Teschuk, Matthew Vierimaa, David Hancock, Karl Erickson (Author)
Youth sport coaching as social contribution: Exploring developmental pathways to community service
Alice Theriault, David Hancock (Author)
Facilitators and barriers for female sport officials in male-dominated sport
Tiffany Tse, Alex Murata, Beth Barz, Jean Côté (Author)
What about women coaches? A retrospective examination of barriers and facilitators that affect leadership progression
Zakry Walsh, Derrik Motz, Stéphanie Turgeon, Scott Rathwell (Author)
‘If you’ve got a fire, you can rekindle it’: Learning how to re-engage in sport following a lapse through a multiple-case study of Masters athletes
Courtney Walton (Author)
Mental Health and Self-Compassion among the Performing Arts
Kassandra A. Welch, Erica V. Bennett, Andrea Bundon, Guy Faulkner (Author)
“I still have that athlete soul”: Storying identity and pain in retired athletes 
Bruno da Costa, Brenda Bruner, Graydon Raymer, Barbi Law (Author)
How much do schools help? The contribution of school to children’s physical activity levels
Maike Tietjens, Sebastian Brückner, Ralf Lanwehr, Jasper Möllmann, Cornelius Reh, Tobias Samol, Bernd Strauß (Author)
Testing the Applicability of a Competing Values Framework-based 360° Leadership Feedback with Coaches in the German Gymnastics Federation
Aidan Haghgoo, Barbi Law (Author)
Exploring non-gender influences on sport participation among Transgender athletes

Exercise Psychology Abstracts

Jade Bailey, Eva Pila (Author)
A qualitative exploration of queer women’s relationship with the body and physical activity
Gabrielle D. Bedard, Olivia L. Pastore , Leah Freilich, Shane N. Sweet (Author)
Examining the Effectiveness of Coaching Behaviour Change Techniques among University Students with Disabilities: A Preliminary Study
Jennifer Brunet, Julia Hussien, Anne Pitman, Nadia Polskaia, Amanda Wurz, Ellen Conte, Dugald Seely (Author)
Patient-reported outcomes in cancer survivors: a single-subject exploratory experimental study of the effects of a yoga therapy intervention
Alyssa Comfort, Ruth García Camarena, Juan Ricardo López y Taylor, Edtna Jáuregui Ulloa, Adán Vázquez Gutiérrez, Lucie Lévesque (Author)
Developing a culturally relevant and feasible data collection protocol to measure physical activity, sleep, and sedentary time in high school students in Guadalajara, Mexico
Jennifer Hewson, Raynell McDonough, Krista White, Alexandra Giancarlo, Ann Toohey, Sian Jones, Kari Stone, Amanda Wurz, Chantelle Zimmer, Sarah Kenny, Bobbie-Ann P. Craig, Cari Din, S. Nicole Culos-Reed, Pamela Manzara, Stephanie Won, Isabelle Doré, Erica Bennett, Catherine Sabiston, Meghan H. McDonough, Lindsay Morrison (Author)
Social support in physical activity interventions for adults: An overview of reviews
Kaela Cranston, Azar Bohlouli, Rebecca Reitsma, Mary Jung (Author)
By the book: Examining diabetes prevention program coaches’ session content delivery fidelity
Jason Dellatolla, Lindsay R. Duncan (Author)
Rethinking Exercise Promotion in Depression: A Call from Reddit’s r/depression Community to Move Beyond “Just Exercise”
Lindsay Duncan, Erin Tatarnic (Author)
Exploring the efficacy of affective mental contrasting versus goal setting on physical activity and psychological wellbeing in first year university students: An experimental study
Markus Duncan, Nicholas Corey Kuzik, Diego A.S. Silva, Valerie Carson, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Guy Faulkner, Mark A. Ferro, Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay, Scott. T. Leatherdale, Karen Patte, Mark S. Tremblay (Author)
Goldilocks Days for Adolescent Mental Health: Gender Differences in Optimal and Sub-optimal Movement Behaviours Combinations for Well-being, Anxiety and Depression
Alex Engel, Scott Rathwell, Paige Pope (Author)
“A step to building positive gym culture: Exploring gender and task self-efficacy differences in perceptions of a gym environment”
Bailey Gitzel, Kaitlyn Benko, Colin McLaren, Kevin S. Spink (Author)
Mindset and physical activity: Examining the effects of physical activity history, physical activity guideline knowledge, and physical activity social comparison
Bailey Gitzel, Darren Nickel, Kevin S. Spink (Author)
Physical activity and anxiety: Dose-response versus mindset?
Natalie Grieve, Kaela Cranston, Rebecca Reitsma, Mary Jung (Author)
We have the recipe, but are we following it? Assessing a diabetes prevention program's motivational interviewing fidelity
James Haley, Daniel Rhind, David Maidment (Author)
Applying the behaviour change wheel to assess the theoretical underpinning of a novel smartphone application to increase physical activity in adults with spinal cord injuries
Shannon Herrick, Lindsay Duncan (Author)
Exploring the physical education experiences of transgender and gender-nonconforming adolescents: Findings from the Playbright theatre-based research project
Isabelle F. Hill, Sean Locke (Author)
Are biased perceptions of exercise modifiable? A case study in reframing for women with Multiple Sclerosis
Katarina L. Huellemann, Rachel M. Calogero, Eva Pila (Author)
“How can I nurture my body after having mistreated it for so long?”: Exploring women’s in-depth experiences of applying self-compassion to physical activity distress
Jesica Jabbar, Elaine Ori, Tanya Berry, Sean Locke (Author)
Endorsing fitspiration media: Examining differential predictors of fitspiration believability for men and women
Sasha Kullman, Todd A. Duhamel, Daniel Schwade, Shaelyn Strachan (Author)
Self-compassion, physical activity, cardiovascular risk, and frailty among middle-aged and older women in Canada: A cross-sectional study
Jacqueline C. Ladwig, Kathryn M. Sibley, Jacquie Ripat, Cheryl M. Glazebrook (Author)
Step-by-step: Establishing expert informed recommendations for inclusive and adaptive dance instruction using a hybrid-Delphi technique
Niana Lavallee, Meghan H. McDonough, Katie E. Gunnell, Jennifer Hewson, Sarah J. Kenny, Chantelle Zimmer (Author)
An examination of older adults’ social experiences predicting physical activity and psychological well-being trajectories during the COVID-19 pandemic
Eun-Young Lee, Lee Airton, Eun Jung, Heejun Lim, Amy Latimer-Cheung, Courtney Szto, Mary Louise Adams, Shilpa Dogra, Guy Faulkner , Leah Ferguson, Danielle Peers, Susan Phillips, Kyoung June Yi (Author)
Unveiling the Mosaic of Identity: Illuminating Intersectionality through a Delphi Process for Quantitative Questionnaire Development
Eun-Young Lee, Ajaypal Bians, Heejun Lim (Author)
Exploring the link between parental sociodemographic characteristics, parental concerns, and children’s physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic
Tayah M. Liska, M. Blair Evans, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Shane N. Sweet (Author)
Identifying Conceptual Attributes of Physical Activity Maintenance Among Adults with Physical Disability: Preliminary Results of a Configurative Review
El Zahraa Majed, Jenna Abdel-Jalil, Lucie Lévesque (Author)
The effectiveness of interventions to improve the balance of movement behaviours over the 24-hour day among immigrants: a systematic review
Maryam Marashi, David M. Brown, Erin K. O'Loughlin, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
An Evaluation of a Body Image Training Course for Health Professionals
Amy Nesbitt, Catherine Sabiston, Melissa deJonge, Skye Barbic, Nicole Kozloff, Emily Nalder (Author)
Physical activity in the management of serious mental illness: An overlooked resilience factor among transition-age youth
Natara J. Ng, Alexandra J. Walters, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung, Jennifer R. Tomasone (Author)
Optimizing staff and volunteer training at community-based exercise programs for persons with disabilities across Canada: A content analysis of quality participation being fostered in program training
Erin K. O'Loughlin, Ross Murray, Jenna Smith-Turchyn, Madison F. Vani , Catherine M. Sabiston, on behalf of the Connect4Exercise team N/A (Author)
Connecting women living beyond breast cancer for physical activity change: the importance of partner quality and social support on physical activity
Jenna Osborne, Sean Locke (Author)
The role of social support in predicting physical activity and wellbeing within the first year of giving birth
Seiyeong Park (Author)
Comparison of the Impacts of PA Beliefs on PA Intention and Behavior Before and After COVID-19: Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior
Seiyeong Park (Author)
Risk Perception and Physical Activity During COVID-19 Among Male and Female University Students: Using an Extended Health Belief Model
Olivia Parker, Kimberley Gammage (Author)
Physical activity and exercise experiences among people with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
Jenson Price, Brooklyn Westlake, Mila Phongphilack, Jennifer Brunet (Author)
Feasibility of a co-created yoga program for gynecologic cancer survivors implemented in a regional cancer support centre
Sepehr Rassi, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, Jonathan Weiss (Author)
Barriers and Facilitators to Physical Activity Participation for Autistic Individuals: A Systematic Review
Talia Ritondo, Corliss Bean, Iris Lesser (Author)
“I feel like a turkey. Not done super well but look okay to eat”: Exploring the complexities of motherhood and physical activity using autophotography
Niels Nygaard Rossing, Lotte Stausgaard Skrubbeltrang (Author)
“We do not have rules, we have boundaries” – an extreme case study among a diverse group of youth players with special needs
Sarah E. Ryan, Maryam Marashi, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
Exploring the physical activity experiences of adolescent girls through the lens of mental health and body image
Nour Saadawi, Krista Best, Olivia Pastore, Roxanne Périnet-Lacroix, Jennifer Tomasone, Mario Légaré, Annabelle de Serres-Lafontaine, Shane Sweet (Author)
Evaluating Behaviour Change Training Modules for Kinesiologists: Enhancing Adapted Physical Activity Service Provision for Two Community Organizations
Catherine Sabiston, Ross Murray, Madison Vani, Timothy Welsh (Author)
Body surveillance, but not body-related emotions, impact cognitive and motor performance among adolescents
Eric Samtleben (Author)
Why Can't I Stick to my Workout Routine? A Multi-Factor Approach to the Study of Self-Regulation
Karen Sauve, Olivia De-Jongh González, Louise C. Mâsse (Author)
Should we restrict evening physical activity among youth? The association between evening MVPA and sleep quality is modified by age among physically active youth from the Family Life, Activity, Sun, Health, and Eating Study
Christopher Shields, Katie Richards (Author)
Understanding physiotherapists’ perspectives on promoting adherence to exercise rehabilitation for low back pain through a SDT lens
Jenna Sim, Megan MacPherson, Cara Johnston, Kaela Cranston, Sarah Der, Mary Jung (Author)
The need for TIDieR research translation: assessing the reporting and implementation of diabetes prevention programs through a scoping review.
Sara Stanley, Katarina Huellemann, Eva Pila (Author)
“I feel like it was hive mentality. Everyone's like a gym rat”: Introducing and Exploring the Concept of “Endorsement of Fitness Culture Norms”
Courtney Stevens, Alex Engel, Scott Rathwell, Paige Pope (Author)
A secondary analysis of the impact of university students’ primary exercise location on their perception of environmental factors within the gym
Shaelyn Strachan, Sasha Kullman, Alexandra Yarema, Caity Patson (Author)
Explaining the self-regulatory role of affect in identity theory: The importance of self-compassion
Samira Sunderji, Catherine M. Sabiston (Author)
Psychosocial outcomes in sport: Context-specific rumination for adolescent girls
Megan Sutton, Sara Stanley, Eva Pila (Author)
Evaluating weight inclusivity in physical activity: Environmental scans of virtual resources and physical spaces
Delaney Thibodeau, Roxy O'Rourke, Madison Vani, Erin O'Loughlin, Catherine Sabiston (Author)
What are important factors for physical activity peer-partners among women with cancer?
Regan Sarah Irene Thompson, Erica Valérie Bennett (Author)
How weight (dis)satisfaction shapes physical activity participation across the life course: Affect, embodiment, and identities as (often) forgotten intersecting dimensions
Alexandra Walters, Jennifer Tomasone, Jasmin Ma, Michele Chittenden, Jennifer Leo, Zach Weston, Dalton Wolfe, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Disability-specific exercise prescription principles, learning opportunities and resources for exercise professionals to build competencies: A scoping review
Shi Lu Wang, Chris Pilieci, April Karlinsky, Madison F. Vani, Catherine M. Sabiston, Timothy N. Welsh (Author)
Unmasking the Cheerleader Effect: Body size perceptions among individuals presented in groups compared to alone
Kassandra Welch, Erica V. Bennett, Olivia Fischer (Author)
“I was always at odds with my mother’s expectations of me”: How mothers shape queer daughters’ body image and physical activity engagement throughout the life course
Meredith Wing, Alexandra Walters, Jennifer Tomasone, Amy Latimer-Cheung (Author)
Exploring the preferences and support needs of persons with sensory disabilities when working with qualified exercise professionals in an exercise context
Melissa deJonge, Roxy O’Rourke, Amy Nesbitt, Catherine Sabiston (Author)
Associations between organized sport and mental health indices among post-secondary students experiencing disabilities: Social provisions and physical activity guideline adherence matters
Mikyung Lee, Eun-Young Lee (Author)
Developing Questionnaire Items for Assessing Gender- and Body -Inclusive Body Ideals
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