Talent selection in sports and economics – a citation network analysis


Sports clubs as well as business enterprises strive to attract the best talents through various selec-tion procedures. Besides some differences (cognitive vs. physical), commonalities, such as motivation in relation to future success, can be found. Despite the increasing number of publications, it is so far an open question whether and how the findings of both domains are linked. The goal is to examine to what extent the scientific literature of talent selection in both fields is connected and what possibilities this opens up for the sport context. A systematic literature search was conducted in two databases (SCOPUS, WebofScience) and suitable articles (according to PRISMA 2020 state-ment) were identified in a double-blind procedure. Out of N = 20.116 articles, those fulfilling the inclusion criteria and citing or being cited by at least one other article of the scope were allocated to the domains of sport, economics and general psychology. Distributions were made by SCImagoJR journal classification. The results indicate a lack of interconnectivity between both domains (net-work-density = .009) with less than ten articles cross-referencing the other domain for both direc-tions. The network-visualization underpins the results and displays the disconnection of communities. The lack of a clear talent definition in both contexts might play a crucial role for the disconnec-tion as well as differences regarding factors such as age or multiple-step-procedures. To extract the most favored and advanced topics in both contexts and therefore finding possible options for the sport to learn from business, a content analysis will be conducted.