Understanding Canadian kinesiology students' and fitness facility staffs' perspectives on brief cultural safety and inclusivity online training


Training current and future health and fitness staff in cultural safety and inclusivity is critical because of the pervasive implicit biases and systemic discrimination in healthcare. A cultural safety and inclusivity module was developed to include in the online training for type 2 diabetes prevention program coaches. This module includes an overview of cultural safety, self-reflection, and power imbalances. The purpose of this study was to explore Kinesiology university students' and fitness facility staffs' perspectives on this module. Participants (n=26) were first asked about their attitude toward equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) training for their current/future job, and any prior EDI training. Participants then viewed the 20-minute module and were asked to open-endedly report on: their perspectives of the key learning outcomes, whether the module would change their interactions with clients, and whether they would recommend this module to their colleagues. Before watching the module, 19 participants said they had received some EDI training. Participants reported that they perceived the key lessons from the module to be the importance of empowering clients, learning how to make interactions more culturally safe, and that self-reflection is important. After watching the module, 25/26 participants strongly agreed or agreed that this module should be mandated for people in their field, and 25 participants said that this module would change the way they interact with clients. Brief online EDI training for current and future health and fitness staff may be a viable option to meaningfully improve client care in the health and fitness industries.

Acknowledgments: Funding: SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship