Newcomer and gender equitable activity opportunities and experiences: A formative evaluation


The benefits of physical activity and sport can only be experienced when the opportunity to participate is available to all. Inclusive participation demands the removal of barriers that limit the creation of a welcoming and safe environment. In 2019, the Kingston community welcomed 461 immigrants. According to Immigrants, Refugees and Citizens Canada, the need for both cultural and gender inclusivity in community services and physical activity programs is present. In partnership with Kingston Gets Active, a non-for-profit organization in Kingston, ON, this study aims to develop an understanding of the current offerings of community-based, physical activity programs for diverse gender and newcomer populations from both the service-provider and client lenses. Demographic data will be gathered through web-based surveys (n=20), semi-structured interviews with community service-providers will explore understanding of inclusive program delivery (n=10), and focus groups will investigate the experiences, perceptions, and values of community programs with newcomer and diverse gender identifying Kingston families (n=10). Frequency analysis will be used with quantitative data. All qualitative data will be transcribed verbatim and analyzed using thematic analysis (Braun & Clarke, 2006) and a critical friend. Study findings will shared as recommendations to community service providers for programming considerations.