Reconceptualization of the atipe scale by teachers for use in a north american context


Generally consisting of affective, cognitive, and behavioural components, attitudes are considered a strong predictor of intentions towards a specific behaviour. The current research sought to further explore and develop the Attitudes Towards Inclusive Physical Education (ATIPE; Meier & Ruin, 2019) scale for use in a North American context. Through semi-structured interviews, preservice and in-service teachers provided insight into interpretations and motivations for the current scale prompts, and suggested modifications and additions to the scale based on these interpretations and key issues surrounding inclusive PE. Analysis of interviews revealed three consistent themes: [1] The ATIPE scale was interpreted wholly through wide perspectives; [2] The original survey items require refinement; and [3] Items related to modifications, accommodations, and teacher training/experience should be added as key issues for inclusion. These themes provided insight into the interpretations of the scale, and demonstrated a need for considerable adjustments to the scale. Interview findings provide support for continued development of the ATIPE scale for use in a North American context, and psychometric analysis of the reconceptualized scale.