Vol. 53 No. 1 (2022): Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2022 Annual Conference
Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2022 Annual Conference

Psychomotor Learning Abstracts

Anthonia Aina, Cheryl Glazebrook
Reaction time measurement in a go-before-you-know task
Kathryn A Anderson, Shannon SD Bredin
Self regulation for Indigenous listeners through aen nistwayr (the story)
Ludovic Arsenault-Lévesque, Élisa Dela Fontaine, Pierre-Michel Bernier
Is implicit adaptation improved by physical activity?
Judith Bek, Catherine M Sabiston, Delaney Thibodeau, Timothy N Welsh
"Well, that's embarrassing! " gender differences in the effects of negative body-related self-conscious emotions on visuomotor adaptation
Zachary Besler, Georgia Grieve, Sean Muller, Romeo Chua, Nicola Hodges
Assessing the contributions of visual (hitting) and motor (pitching) experiences to pitch discrimination anticipation in baseball athletes
Molly Brillinger, April Karlinsky, Jae Patterson
Stay or switch? An examination of learner-controlled role-switching in dyad practice for the learning of a speed cup-stacking task
Molly Brillinger, April Karlinsky, Luc Tremblay, Katherine Tamminen, Nicola Hodges, Timothy Welsh
Does "teamwork make the dream work"? Comparing competitive and cooperative dyad learning environments to independent learning environments in an online timing task
Elena Broeckelmann
Auditory cueing facilitates immediate short term motor sequence learning but shows no advantage in delayed learning compared to auditory feedback or control
Pamela J Bryden
The Tapley-Bryden Dot-Marking Task: A re-examination of gender and hand preference in children and young adults
Jan Calalo, Seth Sullivan, Adam Roth, Rakshith Lokesh, Michael Carter, Joshua Cashaback
Online movements reflect the ongoing decision-making processes
Sebastian D'Amario, Jennifer E Ruttle, Bernard Marius't Hart, Denise YP Henriques
Increasing and decreasing error feedback affects the rate of implicit adaptation
Elias Daher, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen
An intense electrical stimulus can elicit a startle reflex and trigger a prepared movement
Alisha Davis, Vaidehi Wagh, Sowmya Gopalakrishnan, Justin Andrushko, Sarah Kraeutner
Using artificial intelligence to assess hand trajectories of a touchscreen shape-tracing task
Devanee Dewey
Sex differences in visual-proprioceptive feedback utilization via focus of attention instructions
Gregg Eschelmuller, Braelyn Gandossi, J Timothy Inglis, Richard B Ivry, Hyosub Kim, Romeo Chua
Discrimination of visual-proprioceptive trajectories during passive movements with muscle vibration
Gregg Eschelmuller, Braelyn Gandossi, Annika Szarka, J Timothy Inglis, Romeo Chua
The effects of periodic and noisy tendon vibration during a proprioceptive targeting task
Joelle Hajj, Stephanie Larosa, Luc Tremblay
The verbalization of meaningless sounds interferes with hand grip initiation
Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam, Dilara Sen, Megan Carson, Rober Mackowiak, Rachel Markley, Tanvi Nandani, Gerome Manson
Action prediction judgements are unaffected by motor impairment in participants with spinal muscle atrophy
Julia Hussien, Lauren Shearer, Lauren Gignac, Tessa Roberts, Diane Ste-Marie
Designing a focus of attention workshop for Canadian physiotheraPIsts
Tarri Jessey, Beier Lin, Soumyaa Subramanium, Sarah Kraeutner
Disrupting somatosensory processing impairs motor execution but not motor imagery
Sarah Kessouri, Frederic Danion, Jean-François Lepage, Pierre-Michel Bernier
Role of the fronto-parietal theta activity in error processing during online movement control in a manual tracking task
Melanie Lam, Alan Kingstone, Romeo Chua
Response predictability in joint action
Tristan Loria, Benjamin Duinker, Timothy Roth, Aiyun Huang, Michael H Thaut
Impacts of remote percussion training on motor control, perceived expressivity, and student satisfaction
Quinn Malone, Chris J McNeil, Steven R Passmore, Cheryl M Glazebrook, Brian H Dalton
The presence of a visual target range before and during movement causes a violation of Fitts' Law
Damian Manzone, Luc Tremblay
Can the observation of reach and grasp movements influence tactile processing?
Matthew McCue, Sarah Fitzgerald, Jeffrey D Graham, Nicholas La Delfa, Nick Wattie
Exploring the influence of mental fatigue on sensorimotor recalibration in novice dart players
Brad McKay, Mariane FB Bacelar, Michael J Carter
Low reproducibility of reported a priori power analyses in motor behaviour research
Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael J Carter
A free and open source 2-dimensional error score program
Amin Mostofinejad, Rachel Goodman, Tristan Loria, Luc Tremblay
Substituting some unassisted practice with robotic guidance: Extending support for mixed practice within a rhythmic sequential task
Mirette Mounir, Brad McKay, Armin Sariaslani, Katharine Douglas, Matthew Tobis, Laura St. Germain, Joshua GA Cashaback, Michael J Carter
A failure to replicate the dissociable effects of punishment and reward on motor learning
Carrie M Peters, David Hill, David T Hendry, Nicola J Hodges
Development and initial validation of an instrument to measure engagement in purposeful practice among youth soccer athletes
Kathleen J Peters, Anthony N Carlsen
Visual perceptual processing under cognitive fatigue: An inspection time study
Emeline Pierrieau, Jean-François Lepage, Pierre-Michel Bernier
Modulations of motor beta-band activity are better explained by changes in action utility rather than movement speed
Chris Pilieci, April Karlinsky, Catherine M Sabiston, Timothy N Welsh
"Do you copy? ": Automatic imitation among individuals with high versus low obsessive-compulsive symptoms
Cassandra M Santangelo, Dana Maslovat, Anthony N Carlsen
The StartReact effect is larger for bimanual shoulder versus bimanual finger responses: Evidence for increased reticulospinal drive for proximal versus distal responses
Matthew Scott, Jonathan Howard, Aneesha Mehta, April Karlinsky, Tim Welsh, Nicola Hodges
Motor contagion in novice golf putting: Testing partner-effects in a motor learning paradigm
Laura St Germain, Rajbir Sidhu, Brad McKay, Mirette Mounir, Andrew Poskus, Ashton Yuen, Joshua GA Cashaback, Michael J Carter
The impact of combining punishment and reward feedback through transition schedules on performance and learning
Jennifer E Swansburg, Heather F Neyedli
Target selection before you know you know; predictive, symbolic cues in a go-before-you-know task
Annika Szarka, Braelyn Gandossi, Gregg Eschelmuller, J Timothy Inglis, Richard B Ivry, Hyosub Kim, Romeo Chua
Influence of muscle vibration on implicit sensorimotor adaptation
Ganesh Tailor, Cheryl M Glazebrook
Unpacking the task details behind when autistic trait expression varies Müller-Lyer susceptibility
Claire Tuckey, Jim Lyons
Assessing specificity of motor learning under conditions of neuromuscular fatigue
Xiaoye Michael Wang, April Karlinsky, Merryn Constable, Samantha Gregory, Timothy N Welsh
"Can't touch this! ": The influence of act-ability on gaze cueing of attention in an upper-limb reaching task

Sport Psychology

Danielle Alexander, Gordon Bloom, Marte Bentzen, Göran Kenttä
Exploring the role of the high-performance head coach in creating a successful culture in Canadian, norwegian, and swedish parasport teams
Emrah Aslan, David J Hancock
Biased analyses in relative age effects: The case of Turkish youth archers
Lisa Bain, Stuart G Wilson, Bradley W Young
Mental performance consultants' perspectives on self-regulated learning and how it relates to practice and performance
Beth Barz, Luc Martin, Jean Côté
A scoping review to map the key concepts, types of evidence, and gaps in coach developer research
Anthony Battaglia, Gretchen Kerr
Examining the impact of COVID-19 on sport coaches
Gabrielle Bédard, Michael Robidoux, Olivia L Pastore, Shane Sweet
Exploring the impact of the COVID-19 provincial lockdown on adults' physical activity practices
Catalina Belalcazar, Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell, Bradley W Young
Adult-oriented masters coaching approaches: Coaches' reflections on scores across the season and with their adult athletes
Erica V Bennett, Andrea M Bundon, Lisa R Trainor, Peter RE Crocker
"It brings me purpose but it takes an emotional toll": Olympic and paralympic athletes' experiences of advocating for a more equitable sport system
Evan Bishop, Stéphanie Turgeon, Wesley Tang, Tarkington Newman, Leisha Strachan, Corliss Bean, Martin Camiré
An investigation into white privilege in Canadian high school sport
Garrett Blakey, Nicholas Wattie, Joe Baker, Kathryn Johnston
Exploring the feasibility of a novel experimental method to study talent selection and decision making in high performance sport
Devin Bonk, Katherine Tamminen
Getting tilted: Competitive motives, emotion dysregulation, and tilt frequency among videogame players
Kyra Braaten, Megan MacPherson, Natalie Grieve, Blanca Gala, Mary Jung
Put on your thinking app: Involving end-users in the development of mHealth technology
Keegan Brantner, Scott Rathwell, Luc Martin, Sharleen Hoar
Moral dilemmas in university populations
Birte Brinkmöller, Dennis Dreiskämper, Oliver Höner, Bernd Strauss
Talent selection in sports and economics – a citation network analysis
Anna Brogan, Matthew Vierimaa, Veronica Allan
A retrospective exploration of sport specialization in para sport
Craig Brown, Leisha Strachan, Sarah Teetzel, Nikol Veisman, Lori Wilkinson
"If it's not fair and equitable, then who are we serving? ": Exploring experiences of racism in sport in winnipeg
David M Brown, Maryam Marashi, Delaney E Thibodeau, Jeemin Kim, Catherine M Sabiston
Welcome to "fat camp": Body image narratives in sport among elite women athletes
Gabrielle Cadotte, Lindsay R Duncan, Jeffrey G Caron
A narrative review of qualitative evidence of athletes' lived experiences following a sport-related concussion
Martin Camiré
A posthuman pedagogy for training qualitative researchers in sport and exercise psychology
Quinten Carfagnini, Joshua Celebre, Dr Philip Sullivan
Analyzing group differences of gender and sport participation on Canadian university students' mental health outcomes
Jeffrey G Caron, Matthew E Lassman, Scott Rathwell
Storying a psychologically successful return to sport experience following a concussion
Joshua Celebre, Philip Sullivan
Investigating the mental health outcomes of Canadian university students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Daniel Church, Jessica Fraser-Thomas
Exploring elite female youth hockey teams' shared leadership through coach and athlete leaders' experiences
Cameron Collict, Benson Alex, Lee Schaefer, Jeffrey Caron
More than just athletic identity: A closer look at how concussions impact the identity constructs of elite athletes
Danielle L Cormier, Kent C Kowalski, Leah J Ferguson, Amber D Mosewich, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Philipp Röthlin
"No stone left unturned": Collegiate-level coaches' perspectives on self-compassion in sport
Danielle L Cormier, Kent C Kowalski, Leah J Ferguson, Amber D Mosewich, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Philipp Röthlin
A scoping review of self-compassion in sport
Guilherme H Costa, Eunice Pang, Niël Strydom, Alex Murata, Tiffany Tse, Jean Côté
An assessment of the content and technical quality of web-based resources for sport parents
Diane M Culver, Majidullah Shaikh, Danielle Alexander
Gender equity in disability sport: A rapid scoping review
Paul Davis, Daniel Sörman, Annika Carlberg, Elise Rognsvåg, Andreas Stenling
The psychophysiological influence of affective states and perceived exertion on dual-task sport-specific performance
Colin Deal, Nick Holt
A grounded theory of the development of contribution through sport
Stephanie Dixon, Gretchen Kerr
Safe and inclusive sport: A parasport perspective
Rachel Dunn, Katherine A Tamminen, Gretchen Kerr, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos1
Exploring the developmental experiences of youth athletes during the transition to competitive sport
Natalie Durand-Bush, Joseph Baker, Frank vanden Berg, Véronique Richard, Bryce Tully, Gordon Bloom
The gold medal profile for sport psychology (GMP-SP): A Canadian framework to guide practice and research
Rachel Edwards, Rebecca Purc-Stephenson, Thomas Zimmerman
"Just train at home": The role of fitness resources, mental health, and motivational profiles among student-athletes during the pandemic
Abimbola O Eke, Marta C Erlandson, M Louise Humbert, Leah J Ferguson
Identity and body-related sport experiences of racialized young women athletes in Canada
Chloe Ellard, Katherine Tamminen, Jeemin Kim
Common stressors and underlying psychological needs among competitive varsity athletes: A video observation analysis
Olivia Feng, Lindsay R Duncan
Exploring newspaper media representations of athlete experiences with eating disorders through critical discourse analysis
Daniel Fortin-Guichard, David Paquet, David L. Mann, Simon Grondin
Identification of 'sleeping' talent in elite ice hockey using psychological characteristics
Paul Gorczynski, Tom Webb
Evaluating the public's perceptions of football referees living with mental health symptoms and disorders
Allison Grace, Jasmin Hutchinson, Liz Mullin, Kathleen Mellano
Scale development: Establishing item-content relevance and content evidence of validity for the athlete emotion regulation strategies scale
Sydney Graper, Tess Armstrong, Erika Gray, Majidullah Shaikh, Sara Kramers, Corliss Bean, Tanya Forneris, Cathy Van Ingen
Reflections from evaluating a social learning space to advance gender+ equity in recreational youth sport
Melanie J Gregg, Lindsay Ross-Stewart
Emotions and imagery across a sport season
Alyssa C Grimes, Jennifer R Tomasone, Laura Misener, Amy E Latimer-Cheung
Development of evidence-informed recommendations for training volunteers at disability sport events
Aidan Haghgoo, Barbi Law
Psychosocial factors influencing sport drop out among transgender athletes
David J Hancock, Anna M Froude, Colin D McLaren, Matthew Vierimaa, Jean Côté
Exploring the structure of relative age effects research through a citation network analysis
Sebastian Harenberg, Anna Bottino, Justine Vosloo
Playing-time selection communication: Perspectives of collegiate team-sport athletes
Sebastian Harenberg, Tara Stilwell, Anthony Fragnoli, Justine Vosloo
A cell-phone based 360 degree video intervention for female university soccer athletes during COVID-19: A feasibility study
Iman Hassan, Diane, M Culver
Accessibility of athlete retirement resources within the Canadian high-performance sport system
Iman Hassan, Tim Konoval, Diane, M Culver
An investigation of coach education for para sport in Canada
Victoria Hecker, Guy Faulkner, Negin A Riazi, Mark S Tremblay, François Trudeau, Richard Larouche
Parental travel behaviours and children's independent mobility: A multi-site study
Katherine Hirsch, Frank Ely, Ashley Flemington, Irene Muir, Krista Munroe-Chandler, Todd Loughead
Exploring 25 years of sport, exercise, and health psychology research conducted in eastern Canada: A content analysis
Matt D Hoffmann, Jeemin Kim
Personality, social status, and willingness to mentor teammates among NCAA athletes
Kelsey P Hogan, Matthew Vierimaa, Benjamin SP Rittenberg, Lori Dithurbide
Exploring the mental health and well-being of community sport coaches
Caroline Hummell, Sara Kramers, Corliss Bean, Veronica Allan, Andrea Johnson, Jennifer Turnnidge
Reflections on improving women's experiences of mentorship in Canadian coaching
Quinn Johnsson, Scott Rathwell, Jeffrey Caron, Claudia Gonzalez
Rehabilitation and return to sport in concussed athletes: A qualitative multi-case study
Helene Jørgensen, Amber Mosewich, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Nicholas L Holt
The ahead program: Rationale, logic model, and description of a personal development intervention for high-performance athletes
Jeemin Kim, Chloe Ellard, Katherine A Tamminen, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos
Special Olympics athletes' experiences and perspectives regarding mental health and help-seeking
Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré, Michel Milistetd
The process of becoming a personal learning coach to support coaches' critical praxis
Mia KurtzFavero, Alex Murata, Niel Strydom, Tiffany Tse, Guilherme Costa, Jean Côté
Exploring parental perceptions of the parent-coach dual-role and their coaching effectiveness
Heather Larson, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Bradley W Young, Wendy M Rodgers
"It's really hard to navigate the sport system, knowing what you know": The impact of sport scholars' academic identities on their experiences as sport parents
Janet A Lawson, Evelyn Poole, Danielle Peers, Amy E Latimer-Cheung
A novel definition of safe sport proposed by athletes with disabilities and other parasport stakeholders
Ellen MacPherson, Sophie Wensel, Gretchen Kerr
Addressing problematic sport cultures: A review of international culture reviews in women's gymnastics
Matthew Marini, Philip Sullivan
Understanding the psychological and physiological influences of performance under pressure on the general population
Cailie McGuire, Luc Martin
The scientific structure and evolution of trust within teams research: A citation network analysis and critical review
Colin D McLaren, Brenda Bruner, Bruno GG da, Bryan Heal, Barbi Law, Kendra MacIsaac, Jay Mater, Jackie Robinson, Marika Warner, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Mark W Bruner
Social identity and mental health in community youth sport organizations
Colin D McLaren, Mark W Bruner, Dillon Collett, Luc J Martin, Stewart A Vella
Identity leadership and psychological safety in the context of esports teams
Bryan McLaughlin, Ashwin Patel, Nick Wattie
Accreditation in mental performance in the NHL, NBA, and MLB: Cause for concern?
Fabrício João Milan, Vitor Ciampolini, Michel Milistetd
Evaluating implementation fidelity of a parent education program in brazilian tennis federations
Amanda Miles, Robin Tharle-Oluk, David J Hancock
Burnout experiences of elite female basketball coaches
Arman Mohammadi, Sandy Mosher, Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie
Exploring the participation pathways among high-performance varsity soccer players. is it as simple as specializing or sampling?
Amber D Mosewich, Ben J Sereda, Katie E Gunnell, Tara-Leigh F McHugh, Klaudia M Sapieja, Ben Gallaher, Nicholas L Holt
Resilience, psychological skills, and well-being in youth athletes
Derrik Motz, Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell, Bradley W Young
Cross-lagged analyses of a longitudinal quantitative case study exploring the perspectives of masters alpine skiers and their coach on adult-oriented coaching practices
Alex Murata, Jean Côté
Listening to parents in youth sport: Using discussion management techniques to improve the youth sport environment
Ross Murray, Catherine Sabiston
The importance of sport role models for girl athletes
Sandhya Mylabathula, Lynda Mainwaring
Factors in concussion recovery in physically active university students
Heather Nelson, Shelley Spurr, Jill Bally, Heather Foulds
Finding belonging through traditional karate for children from low-income settings
Maggie Nieto, Sebastian Harenberg, Justine Vosloo, Belisa Gonzalez
Can inclusive leadership predict psychological safety in collegiate athletes
Nathania Ofori, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Meghan Harlow
"The kids back away from each other now at the playground": Exploring families' experiences of preschooler sport and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic
Krystn Orr, Grace Rheault, Massimo Pascuzzi, Ann Fudge Schormans
Third-party representation in sport: What do Special Olympics' members think of their corporate sponsorships?
Kurtis Pankow, Nathan King, Simone Cunningham, Daniel Rivera, Anne Duffy
Well-being, social support, and mental health among student-athletes during the transition to university
Brennan Petersen, Cole E Giffin, Robert J Schinke, Thierry RF Middleton, Yufeng Li
Constellation mentoring for varsity soccer players: A case study
Brennan Petersen, Robert J Schinke, Cole E Giffin, Michel Larivière
The breadth of mental ill-health stigma research in sport: A scoping review
Leslie Podlog, Jeff Caron, Ross Wadey, John Fraser, Andreas Ivarsson, John Heil, Stefanie Podlog, Tallie Casucci
Psychological readiness to return to sport following injury: A state-of-the-art review
Lara Pomerleau-Fontaine, Véronique Boudreault, Sophie Brassard, Juliette Maurin, Amélie Soulard
Developing athletes in Quebec: A first empirical look at the prevalence of mental health disorders symptoms
Shannon R Pynn, Caitlyn Vanstone, Nicholas L Holt
Exploring sport parents' emotion abilities
Sepehr Rassi, Nicholas Santino, Lauren Tristani, Victoria Larocca, Wamiq Rizwan, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter
Adaptive athletes' experiences in the CrossFit open through a quality participation lens
Scott Rathwell, Derrik Motz, Bettina Callary, Bradley W Young
Using data from masters athletes and their coaches to question the merit of assessing congruency as a theoretical tenet of coaching models
Benjamin SP Rittenberg, Grace E Barnhart, Heather F Neyedli, Bradley W Young, Lori Dithurbide
Psychosocial factors predicting the usage of technology by golfers
Nicole Robak, Emily Zacharias, Vanessa Navarro, Steven Passmore
The impact of focus of attention on elite level curling rock draw delivery
Lorelie Roderbourg, Makine Boukhari, Theresa Bianco, Shane N Sweet, Jeffrey G Caron
Desired and received social support following a sport-related concussion: Discrepancies between student-athletes and their social network
Siobhan Rourke, Diane M Culver, Tiago Duarte, Majidullah Shaikh, Timothy Konoval, Penny Werthner
Exploring gender equity in a Canadian para-sport organization
Fernando Santos, Martin Camiré, Scott Rathwell, Leisha Strachan, Marta Ferreira, Dany J MacDonald
An intervention promoting coach-coach developer interactions for fostering positive youth development within the portuguese sport system
Benjamin Schellenberg, Jérémie Verner-Filion
Passion decreases over the course of sport seasons: Evidence from two longitudinal studies with hockey fans and intercollegiate athletes
Mahan Shahrooie, Melanie J Gregg, Hairui Liu
Physical literacy and Canadian newcomer children
Rayona Silverman, Marlee Konikoff, Lauren Konikoff, Toni L Williams, Jennifer R Tomasone, Pinder DaSilva, Amy E Latimer-Cheung
Priming the pump for inclusion: An exploration of factors affecting implementation of an organizational accessibility self-assessment in sport organizations
Niel Strydom, Alex Murata, Guilherme Costa, Jean Côté
Twitter in sport psychology: Exploring the use of Twitter by researchers in the field
Janna Sunde, Alice Theriault, Robin Tharle-Oluk, David J Hancock
The relationship between basic psychological needs and female sport officials' retention
Jordan Sutcliffe, Peter Kelly, Stewart Vella
A qualitative examination of parental mental health and wellbeing in Australian youth sport
Katherine Tamminen, Valeria Eckardt, Carolyn McEwen, Sara Sutherland
The Stressors among Parents in Youth Sport Scale (SPYSS): Confirmatory factor analysis and convergent validity
Katherine Tamminen, Mathew Lau, Jelena Milidragovic
"What are you supposed to do – stop? " Navigating sport injuries within a narrative of forward momentum
Mildred Taupin, Dimitri Bayle, Lucile Delabarre, Alexis Ruffault, Jean Slawinski
Effects of acute physical fatigue on gaze behavior and anticipation in expert badminton players
Robin Tharle-Oluk, Amanda Miles, David J Hancock
Hockey referees: Are they part of the solution for concussion in youth hockey?
Burgandy Thiessen, Quinten Carfagnini, Philip Sullivan
Examining predictors of suicidal thoughts and planning among Canadian university students and varsity student-athletes
Maike Tietjens, Ralf Lanwehr, James Kemler
Did we get up? Leadership in sport SCIence 5 years after the wake up call
Tiffany Tse, Alex Murata, Beth Barz, Jean Côté
What about women coaches? An examination of barriers and facilitators that affect progression in leadership roles
Edda van Meurs, Jan-Philipp Rehr, Charlotte Raue-Behlau, Bernd Strauss
Spectators and travel distance: Drivers of the home advantage in volleyball?
Madison F Vani, Catherine M Sabiston
Adolescent body image in the sport context: Canadian adolescent and parent perspectives
Matthew Vierimaa, Nicole Silver, Jennifer Turnnidge
Optimizing volunteer coach development and retention in youth soccer: A case study approach
Vanessa Willis, Bruno GoncalvesGaldino da, Brenda Bruner, Barbi Law
Exploring parents' reward behaviour toward their children in sport
Erin Willson, Gretchen Kerr
Canada's new "abuse-free sport" mechanism: Will it meet athletes' needs?
Stuart G Wilson, Bradley W Young
Ecologies of recovery: Situating athletes' regulation of recovery within key environmental contexts
Stuart G Wilson, Bradley W Young, Sharleen Hoar, Joseph Baker
How does athletes' self-regulated learning in practice progress over a competitive sport season? A case study
Joey Wong, Katherine Tamminen
Perceptions of parent-child relationships and sport experiences among east-asian women

Exercise Psychology

Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, Amy Latimer-Cheung, Christine Voss, Sarah Moore, Jennifer Leo, Krista Best, Emily Bremer, Maeghan James, Kathleen Martin Ginis
The National Physical Activity Measurement (NPAM) study for children and youth with disabilities: Movement behaviour guideline adherence and participation levels
Jade A Bailey, Kelsey Sick, Eva Pila
Impact of body-related threats and self-compassion on physical activity motives in young adult women: An ecological momentary assessment
Tanya Berry, Maxine Myre
Effects of physical activity-related anti-weight bias materials on practitioner's implicit and explicit weight bias
Angelica Blais, Jane Lougheed, Daniela Pohl, Erick Sell, Robert Klaassen, Sarah Lawrence, Sherri L Katz, Joe Reisman, Lillian Lai, Letizia Gardin, Patricia Longmuir
A comprehensive, mixed methods inquiry into the physical literacy development of 8- to 12-year-old children living with chronic medical conditions
Matthew Bourke, Jenna D Gilchrist, Eva Pila
Does intrinsic motivation mediate the association between affective valence and enjoyment during physical activity in daily life and levels of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity?
Jennifer Brunet, Sitara Sharma, Rima Kaddour
A scoping review of studies exploring physical activity and cognition among persons diagnosed with cancer
Valérie Chauvin, Paquito Bernard, Aurélie Baillot, Hanan Yazbek, Laurence Kern, Marie Hokayem, Lama Mattar, Gayatri Kotbagi, Melissa Rizk, Yannick Morvan, Ahmed Jérome Romain
Impacts of confinement on the mental health and health behaviours of adults with multimorbidity during COVID-19 pandemic
Elise R Christopoulos, Hazel D Stewart, David M Brown, Kristen Lucibello, Catherine M Sabiston
#fitspo on TikTok: Describing fitness trends in social media posts
Angela M Coppola
Exploring the processes and outcomes of the initial phase of a mutually-beneficial children's physical activity and development internship program
Bobbie-Ann P Craig, Meghan H McDonough, S Nicole Culos-Reed, William Bridel
Examining training fitness professionals receive for providing and facilitating social support in online exercise classes for adults living with cancer
Kaela D Cranston, Jenna AP Sim, Mary E Jung
Understanding Canadian kinesiology students' and fitness facility staffs' perspectives on brief cultural safety and inclusivity online training
Bradley Crocker, Shannon SC Herrick, Laura Hallward, Lindsay R Duncan
"We're good at hiding things like pain": Conceptions of masculinity and help-seeking in male collegiate collision sport athletes
Diana Curtis, Jasmin Hutchinson
A qualitative investigation of self-handicapping in distance runners
Bruno da Costa, Brenda Bruner, Barbi Law
Association of time-segmented physical activity and sedentary behaviour with the mental health of school children from northeastern Ontario
Matthieu Dagenais
Application of the embodiment model of positive body image and physical activity across age, gender and weight status
Paul Davis, Michael Trotter, Elisabeth Åström, Michael Rönnnlund
The role of time perspective in the relationship between physical activity and mental health in older adults
Melissa L deJonge, Chris Pilieci, Maryam Marashi, Catherine M Sabiston
Competency beliefs and attitudes of personal trainers towards promoting physical activity and mental health
Jason Dellatolla, Lindsay R Duncan
When your ABCs impede your BCTs: The role of educational videogames for managing depression and moving more
Katerina Disimino, Jonathan Weiss, Lauren Tristani, Nicholas Santino, Rebecca L Bassett-Gunter
Using framed messages and risk information to motivate physical activity support behaviours among parents of children and youth with intellectual disabilities
Shilpa Dogra, Michael Jenkins, Meghann Lloyd, Daniel Hoornweg
What do we know about pedal assist e-bikes? : A scoping review to inform future directions
Shilpa Dogra, Michael Jenkins, Emmeline Meens-Miller
A mixed-methods analysis of perceptions of pedal assist e-bikes in older women and men
Rachel Dunn, Katherine A Tamminen, Jeemin Kim, Leigh Vanderloo
Examining the participaction mobile app to promote physical activity among people who identify as women
Lamia Firasta, Madison Vani, Catherine M. Sabiston
Understanding social media self-presentation and physical activity
Tanya Forneris, Heather Gainforth, Mary Jung, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Hannah Connon, Meaghan MacNutt
A curricular initiative to advance the field of health behavior change
Blanca Gala, Megan MacPherson, Natalie Grieve, Kyra Braaten, Mary Jung
The development of an mHealth app for a T2D prevention program using faster
Amy Gayman, Taylor Coleman, Mark Eys
Social integration through physical activity: A multi-method assessment of a program for new Canadian women
Natalie J Grieve, Kaela D Cranston, Mary E Jung
Can brief online training increase diabetes prevention coaches' self-efficacy to deliver a health program?
James Haley, Daniel Rhind, Vicky Tolfrey, David Maidment
A systematic review and meta-analysis assessing the effectiveness of physical activity behaviour change interventions in adults with spinal cord injury
Laura Hallward, Matthew Bourke, Eva Pila
Relations between body-related emotions, self-objectification, and exercise behaviours: Ecological accelerometry-based momentary assessment
Laura Hallward, Olivia Feng, Lindsay R Duncan
An exploration of the personal and psychosocial influences of compulsive exercise and bulimia nervosa using creative nonfiction storytelling
Katarina L Huellemann, Rachel M Calogero, Eva Pila
Prospective relations between body image and exercise motivation in women: The role of attunement with exercise
Maeghan James, Kathleen AMartin Ginis, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos
It's not all about quantity: Exploring the role of quality physical activity participation for social-emotional well-being among adolescents with disabilities
Anna Janzen, Nafeel Arshad, Iris Lesser, Carl Nijenhuis, Amanda Wurz
Exploring physical activity among adults affected by cancer during and beyond the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic
Shara R Johnson, Jamie LaFleur, Samantha Moore, Leah J Ferguson, Adam McInnes, Heather JA Foulds
"I'm trying to heal the side of me that's recognizing that Métis People are built on colonialism and colonization": Contemporary social issues impacting Métis Peoples' health
Mackenzie B Johnston, Katie E Gunnell, Rachel J Burns
Autonomous motivation for exercise does not moderate the self-compassion and physical activity relationship
Kaitlyn D Kauffeldt, Amy E Latimer-Cheung, Guy E Faulkner, Melissa Brouwers, Rebecca Jones, Kirstin Lane, Zach Weston, Jennifer R Tomasone
The collaborative evaluation of the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults aged 18-64 years and adults aged 65 years or older: Lessons learned and considerations for future research
Célia Kingsbury, Joanie Gervais, Josyanne Lapointe, Paqiuto Bernard
It’s snowing? Keep on rolling! Psychological and individual determinants of winter biking in Québec
Sasha Kullman, Brittany Semenchuk, Shaelyn Strachan
'It's a core part of who I am': A qualitative analysis of runner role and running group identities in the context of running group disbandment
Richard Larouche, Mathieu Bélanger, Mariana Brussoni, Guy Faulkner, Katie Gunnell, Mark S Tremblay
Correlates of active school transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic: A national study
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